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  • Peer Recovery Training
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    Peer Recovery Training being held in Council Bluffs Life Connections International, Inc. is proud to announce another Peer Recovery Training for those on the western side of the State! Where: The Peer Connection 622 S. 4th Street Council Bluffs, IA 51503 When- (Basic Training) Tuesday-Friday May 19-22 (Advanced Training) Monday-Friday June 8-12 Cost- $1500 total (See below regarding how to fund your attendance) Included - All training materials All study materials All testing materials Lunch each day Certificate for both Basic and Advanced (upon successful completion of the course.)   LCI Inc. has a standing contract with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation. Should you choose to work with them, they have agreed to pay for Peer Training provided it leads to employment. Contact your local Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation center for more details. In addition, some of the county Regional CEOs have funding available as well. Not all…but some. Contact your local county Regional CEO…
  • Job Openings
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    Job Opening - Region 2 & 3 Iowa Office of Consumer Affairs Regional Coordinator for Region 2 Open 4/27/2015 - Closes 5/22/2015 Region 2 (Click link to see map) or here to see Region 2 - PDF Iowa Office of Consumer Affairs Regional Coordinator for Region 3 Open 5/6/2015 - Closes 6/5/2015 Region 3 (Click link to see map) or here to see Region 3 - PDF   Description: An individual to coordinate the activities of the Iowa Office of Consumer Affairs as Regional Coordinator within Region 2 Department of Human Services service area (see map or visit The objectives of the Office of Consumer Affairs are: • Serve as a statewide resource to Adults with SMI (Serious Mental Illness), Children/Youth with SED (Serious Emotional Disturbance), people in recovery and/or persons with disabilities and their families, the Department of Human Services, other state agencies, and providers regarding mental health and related services in Iowa.• Provide information and…
  • The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part Two)
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    The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part Two) The Importance of Setting Recovery Goals (Part Two - Catching the Dream)By Ed Kelly Jr (LPN/PSS)   In Part One, I wrote about the importance of setting goals and one aspect of recovery was recovering the dream we may have lost. In my own experience, I have discovered that the dream I thought I would re-capture – “returning to the Pastorate” was really not my dream anymore. Has that happened to you? I realized in recovery that I had moved beyond the limitations of that expectation. You may discover that yourself. That which you thought was the dream or vision for your future changes with your recovery.   Recently I was reading about the life of the “superman” actor- Christopher Reeves, who at the height of his career suffered a traumatic life changing accident that left him paralyzed. Many thought his career was over. But he would not give up. He…
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